York Active 110 Treadmill

York Active 110 Treadmill

The York Active 110 Treadmill looks like a professional machine with its strong black design, stylish LCD display and prominent running deck and the inclusion of 13 workout programmes, hand pulse sensors and storage compartments just enhance these first impressions even further.

York Fitness actually seem to have tried to find a middle ground here by adding desirable features like a body fat analyser while also promoting the product as being ideal for beginners and “light running”. Does this machine sit nicely in this middle ground or has it struggled to find its way there?

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York Active 120 Treadmill

York Active 120 Treadmill Review

The opening specification for the York Active 120 Treadmill reads as you may expect if you have been shopping around for treadmills – a 120×41 cm running area, 13 workout programs to get users motivated, a LCD display for monitoring progress and a decent 1.25 horsepower motor to keep it all running.

The simplicity that initially comes across on first impressions and the relatively low price mean that expectations are lowered with this product.

However, the specification does continue and there is the potential for a few little tricks up York Fitness’s sleeves to keep users happy. Does this treadmill act like a simple, low-end machine or has it surprised people?

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York T13i Treadmill

York T13i Treadmill Review

Best Treadmill Reviews – Although there are very few complaints, not everybody can be pleased. Those that are noted are relatively minor. A number of customers, even some who gave the York T13i Treadmill five stars mention a squeaking noise.

This, however, is a fairly standard issue with just about any treadmill. One highly dissatisfied customer complained that it was too light which took away from the stability. Considering the praises from other customers, this was a very isolated incident.

Overall the York T13i treadmill is an incredible machine. There are no worries about having to go to the gym and what to wear when you can just exercise in your own home. There are no worries about having too much bulk with this easy to handle device. Its low weight and ability to be folded make it easy to get out of the way if the need for the space arises.

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